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A friend of mine gave me one of your "Plac-Piks" after lunch one day and it was like there was a party going on in my mouth.

I immediately fell in love with the "Plac-Pik." I asked him, "Where can I get these?" He told me about the happy, friendly people at Preventive Dentistry.

I am ordering 30 packages of the "Plac-Pik!" I can't wait to get my "Plac-Piks!"

Satisfied Customer,

This is my second order. I shared with several of my friends and now they want them, too. We LOVE these piks! You should see us... sitting on the front porch with our mocha lattes while we pic away!

This time, I would like to place an order for six 24-packs.

Thank you very much and know that this simple, very effective item is most appreciated! Good idea! Good job! Good for you! Good for me!

Satisfied Customer,

I am a hygienist working in 3 different practices and I came across one of your products from a patient. I am very interested in the plac pik; I am having trouble locating a company that distributes this wonderful pick that I find perfect for most of my patients. Is there any way I can get some samples of your products and where I can purchase these picks, for my patients.

Satisfied Customer,